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Training Methodology

No one takes anything away from a training session where they are made to sit in one place for hours being spoken at by a buzzword-heavy presenter except for a story to share with colleagues about the horrible training they recently attended.

FrontLine Service Solutions believes that the main goal for any training experience is that participants will internalize what they learn and apply that knowledge successfully in real world scenarios. In order for this to take place the training must have a few key ingredients. Any valuable training must be engaging and interactive. However, no matter how engaging and interactive training looks on a PowerPoint, it doesn’t mean anything without a dynamic facilitator to make it come to life.

Our FrontLine facilitators have great personalities, know their audience, and know the content inside and out. Our dynamic facilitators look at each opportunity with serious pride in order to help your team develop into even stronger frontline professionals than they ever thought they could be. FrontLine facilitators respectfully engage their participants. They won’t talk over their heads bogging them down with technical jargon if the audience isn’t suited for that depth of knowledge. Your team must feel that they are a valued part of the learning experience and not stuck in a room to be presented at for hours. Our facilitators understand that quality training is not a one-way conversation but a shared, circular experience between facilitator and participants.

When you partner with FrontLine Service Solutions, your team can expect hands-on simulated learning exercises that encourage them to interact with each other in order to succeed. This affords your team the ability to collaborate, problem solve, and share their experiences with one another in order to overcome the simulated challenge at hand. This will ultimately translate into your team walking away with a newfound passion for their job that will motivate them and others to provide amazing results.