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ReferralPro™ is a proven innovative approach to increase product referrals and revenue in a retail branch environment. The program is specifically designed to build self-confidence and motivate frontline staff to identify and refer products and services to deepen client relationships. Our primary focus with the ReferralPro™ system is to ensure that everyone on the frontline is talking about, recommending and referring the financial institution's products and services on a consistent basis.

The hands-on workshop will explore:

  • The 5-step REFER Method
  • Product Knowledge
  • Personality Styles
  • SMART Goal-setting
  • Motivation

Proven end-result benefits:

The following graphs depict an actual branch. The branch had an active employee product referral incentive program in place for several years. The first two quarters of the year reflect its typical product referral success rate. The second two quarters illustrate how effective our ReferralPro™ system was in increasing the number of successful product referrals.

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Click to preview a ReferralPro™ workshop video:

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