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Client Testimonials

“When we were looking to enhance our employees' referral skills, Frontline Service Solutions was an excellent resource for both new and seasoned employees. The trainers are very professional and deliver the content in a fun and engaging manner. The overall consensus from our employees was that the training was excellent and they walked away with a better understanding of a successful referral process. The team was great to work with throughout the entire process and I highly recommend Frontline Service Solutions for your training needs.”

Michael J. Caissey
Digital Federal Credit Union, Regional Branch Manager

“When we hired FrontLine Service Solutions, Inc. to provide sales training to our staff, we were not 100% convinced that any training program would actually produce the results we wanted. However, in just six months we are looking at positive results beyond our expectations. The team was tireless in their efforts to make certain every step in developing the program supported our culture and every lesson in the workshop matched our fundamental beliefs. The training was top notch and the results are in. This is a success!”

Linda Jackson
Workers’ Credit Union, Assistant Vice President and Training Manager

“The ReferralPro cross-selling training program helped us transition into a sales culture environment by empowering our employees to focus on our products and services to become trusted advisors without the pressure of selling. As a result of the training, we were able to report a significant increase of referrals and product /service usage by our members."

Millie Zayas
RTN Federal Credit Union, Vice President of Retail Branch Services

“We were in the third year of implementing our sales and service culture program, seeking a training program to take our employees to the next level of engagement when we were introduced to Tony Hyte and the Frontline Service Solutions team. Both the programs: Loyalty Plus and Referral Pro were designed with a methodology that works!   The two programs helped our employees, many of which were not participating in any kind of cross selling, to gain the confidence they needed to buy-in to the program and achieve success. Overtime, we began to slowly see the employee mindset change from simply waiting on our members, to a more consultative, trusted advisor role.”

“The collabor-meeting coaching component, kept the concepts fresh and relevant. It also kept all employees accountable to organizational, department and personal goals.  As a result, over the first few months, we have seen a 10% increase in employee participation, and a 38% increase in the products being offered to members.  Our employees have been contributing to achieving our monthly product goals for the last 4 months.”

                                                Judy Brazil-Quincy Credit Union, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer

"I just wanted to say thanks for presenting one of the best and most entertaining seminars I have attended in a very long time. The day was paced very well. I enjoyed the way the speakers personalized topics - they truly connected with all of the participants. The conversation generated was also great - hearing everyone's input reminded me that we can all continue to learn and improve at our jobs, even if we've been doing them for a very long time."

Amy B.
Mortgage Originator

"The Loyalty Plus workshop was fantastic. All of the topics brought up were extremely relevant. The format, exercises and materials used were excellent. Based on previous experiences, I felt that this work was unique in that it was hands-on, collaborative and engaging for all participants. I especially enjoyed the team-building exercises and focus on internal customer service."

Allison S.

"Thank you for putting together the Loyalty Plus workshop. Yesterday's activities and presentations were excellent! As a new employee, it was wonderful to experience such a cohesive program and see that the company believes in investing in its employees. It was also a great opportunity to meet and get to know many of my new coworkers. I am looking forward to more!"

Jordan F.
Contact Center Representative

"Since ReferralPro, my successful product referrals have improved because I’m not just trying to sell the customer anything and everything; I’m now focusing on helping them by giving them products that meet their needs and make their lives easier. I’m now less concerned with making successful referrals – instead I focus my efforts on helping my customers and the successful referrals come as a result. I have noticed that customers are more positive and receptive to my recommendations than ever since ReferralPro because they trust that I am looking out for their best interests."

Marcus M.
Customer Service Representative

"ReferralPro helped me overcome my fear of rejection in making product referrals because the program encouraged practice, which is what I needed. I’ve made it a point to listen very carefully when meeting with customers so that I can identify needs they might have and offer solutions to those needs with our products. Using this method, I am positioning myself as an honest advisor to my customer so I have much more confidence in recommending them our products."

Tanner W.
Assistant Branch Manager

"Before ReferralPro I had a fear of referring products to my customers, but the program gave me the confidence to start telling more and more customers about the products we offer. ReferralPro stressed the importance of having a strong understanding of our products and services. In addition to focusing on my product knowledge, I even adopted some of the products I wasn’t utilizing before so that I could get to know them better. I’m much more comfortable answering questions customers have about our products and services – I can even discuss some my own experiences with the products. I know now that referring products and services to my customers is an important part of my role within the organization. On the frontlines, we have the opportunity to build strong relationships with our customers and engage them in one-on-one conversations about their wants and needs. Following the ReferralPro program, I was able to win a company-wide award for the greatest increase in successful referrals in a quarter. I have been very excited to see how many customers I have been able to help since completing ReferralPro."

Nadine M.
Head Teller

"Usually, I dread going to all-day classes - they are typically very boring. But this one was different - it was very interactive. I enjoyed the mix of conversations and hands-on activities. The projects were new and fresh. Overall, it was an engaging workshop that sparked a lot of good conversation."

Thomas H.
Customer Service Representative

"I thought the session was great! From my prior experience full-day seminars can be very boring and speakers rarely keep everyone engaged. However, I felt this one was very well put together and presented. I not only learned a lot - I had a lot of fun!"

Kathryn S.

"The Loyalty Plus training was great! It was very well thought out and presented in a way that was fun and interesting. I have heard lots of positive comments about the seminar. Having been here for a long time I believe it is important that we regularly revisit what it means to be a part of this team and how important maintaining a high level of service is - and that's what this workshop accomplished. I truly believe the presentation has and will make a great impact on our members and also on each other."

Sherry A.
Loan Services

"I have seen an increase in one of my part-time teller's goals.  She went from being 120% to consistently being over 150% since the ReferralPro Program started. She gained confidence and knowledge which let her feel comfortable with referring and using this program."  


Jocelyn N.
Assistant Branch Manager