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Who We Are

FrontLine Service Solutions is a performance improvement organization. We specialize in partnering with banks and credit unions to provide customized training solutions that drive employee productivity and increase revenue growth.       

What We Do

Our banking-specific training programs will motivate and empower your employees with the knowledge, approach, and skills needed to significantly boost individual and team performance to reach organizational goals.  

How We Do It

We utilize our proven 3-Step Training Process to identify specific organizational training opportunities, create workshops and tailor training programs to meet those needs, and conduct follow-up coaching to help develop newly acquired skills.

We help banks and credit unions like you strengthen customer loyalty and generate branch income.

Personalized Solutions. Expert Results.

We know that instituting a successful sales and service culture into your institution can be a daunting project. We also know that every financial institution has its own goals and needs. Whether you are just starting out with a sales and service program, if you have well-established programs, or if you are looking for customizable training solutions, our consultants will work with you to create the perfect mix of performance solutions to meet your specific needs.



Our Performance Solutions


Service Culture Analysis ™

A critical diagnostic tool that will provide you with key information to identify specific areas that are preventing your team from achieving its peak sales and service performance goals. 

Loyalty Plus ™

Empower your team with the essential hospitality and relationship-building skills necessary to provide distinguished world-class service to strengthen customer/member loyalty.

ReferralPro ™

Empower your team with the skills to become trusted advisors. Our relationship-focused and needs-based sales training will significantly increase their product referral success.

LeadershipPro ™

Empower your managers with the knowledge and skills to proactively lead, coach and develop their teams to improve productivity and build high performance branches.

Branch Development

Our retail banking expertise will provide you with specific strategies to increase revenue, improve profitability and streamline operational efficiencies in your branches.


What our clients are saying...

“When we were looking to enhance our employees' referral skills, Frontline Service Solutions was an excellent resource for both new and seasoned employees. The trainers are very professional and deliver the content in a fun and engaging manner. The overall consensus from our employees was that the training was excellent and they walked away with a better understanding of a successful referral process. The team was great to work with throughout the entire process and I highly recommend Frontline Service Solutions for your training needs.”

Michael J. Caissey
Digital Federal Credit Union, Regional Branch Manager

“When we hired FrontLine Service Solutions, Inc. to provide sales training to our staff, we were not 100% convinced that any training program would actually produce the results we wanted. However, in just six months we are looking at positive results beyond our expectations. The team was tireless in their efforts to make certain every step in developing the program supported our culture and every lesson in the workshop matched our fundamental beliefs. The training was top notch and the results are in. This is a success!”

Linda Jackson
Workers’ Credit Union, Assistant Vice President and Training Manager

“The ReferralPro cross-selling training program helped us transition into a sales culture environment by empowering our employees to focus on our products and services to become trusted advisors without the pressure of selling. As a result of the training, we were able to report a significant increase of referrals and product /service usage by our members."

Millie Zayas
RTN Federal Credit Union, Vice President of Retail Branch Services

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