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Sales & Product Referral Tracking

We believe that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. That’s why we develop dashboards and employ comprehensive data analytics to track and manage the sales and product referral performance of frontline staff. Referral figures entered into these databases will allow managers to view statistics broken down by numerous variables. This data will allow management to keep a firm finger on the pulse of their organization, pinpoint areas needing improvement and recognize those deserving of recognition.

The data gathered isn’t only useful in the short-term – the value in the long-term cannot be understated. The historical sales statistics collected will become an indispensable tool for setting objective goals for frontline staff and branches, reviewing employee and branch performance, developing new products and researching the receptiveness of your current customer base to your product lineup.

The empirical figures generated by our sales tracking programs and databases will give managers confidence in handling uncertainties and allow them to make smarter decisions in leading their staff.

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