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Product Knowledge

Having a great understanding of products and services is foundational knowledge for all branch staff. Employees need to have confidence in their understanding of the company’s offerings in order to successfully refer them to customers. Staff members need to be well-equipped to answer specific questions about their services, and if they’re not prepared, they need to be able to access those answers quickly. That’s where we come in.

FrontLine can help you build a comprehensive, easily accessible product knowledge reference tool for your staff. We will gather information about all of your products and services and build a custom product knowledge database. This will arm frontline employees with the confidence to refer products and services at will, knowing that they have quick access to a thorough product description should they need the help.

A product knowledge database is valuable for more than just frontline staff. Anyone who has worked in banking, no matter in what capacity, can tell you that they get asked questions about products and services regularly by friends and family or when they are out in public. By creating a product knowledge database accessible to all, everyone can become a product expert. You may even find revenue coming from areas you never expected.

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