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Service Culture Analysis

Would you like to measure your staff’s natural propensity to recommend products and services and to deliver exceptional customer service? Our Service Culture Analysis™ will provide your organization with a comprehensive report detailing your teams’ strengths and challenges. This critical information will guide your future strategic planning and identify areas needing specific professional development training.

Other benefits of the Service Culture Analysis™ include:

  • Gathering information from the employees to help guide managment to prioritize and address future professional training and development
  • Determining the frontline staff's natural desire to cross-sell your products and services
  • Measuring the depth of knowledge staff have with your current product mix
  • Identifying what motivates the staff to deliver exceptional service and to cross-sell products and services
  • Provides senior management with an overview of their organization's service culture, as told by their frontline employees 
  • Gauging the staff's proficiency with their sales and service skills

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