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What is Quality Banking Sales and Service Training?

January 11, 2019 - 2:10pm -- Tony

Banking employees cannot be expected to excel in product referrals and cross-selling if they haven’t been given the proper training that teaches banking-specific skills and techniques in a way that they can best learn and apply in a practical setting.

A quality banking sales and service training program is one that is rooted in sound adult education methodology. In addition, the trainer should also have first-hand practical experience working in a banking environment. This will provide participants with valuable experiential insight which will help to forge a connection and foster credibility with the students. Such training will not only introduce the specific content necessary for success, but will ensure that participants understand why what they’re learning is important and how to execute those banking-specific skills and techniques effortlessly during training and far beyond.

A quality training program will take multiple learning styles of adults into account by offering more than one way to learn.  Participants in a quality training program will feel comfortable and safe to partake in open discussions to learn not only from the facilitator but from each other.  Participants will be engaged by listening, seeing and taking an active role in the activities that are customized for them in the training session.  Dynamic facilitators will keep the pace moving at a comfortable level while providing ample opportunities for self-reflection and peer interaction in order for participants to internalize and apply the content in real-life scenarios for long-term institutional and personal success.

Skills + Techniques = Success

The skills are the tools you need to do a particular job.  Techniques are different ways in which to use the tools to get the particular results you want out of them.  True success comes when you have a true understanding of the skills AND techniques to best apply them.  You can’t have one without the other and expect to be successful.  You can attend a training session on how to be kind and speak respectfully to others in the workplace and not improve how you’re perceived by customers and co-workers.  Skills are saying “thank you” and “please.” Those skills are obviously important but won’t get you very far if you haven’t learned the techniques of maintaining a proper tone of voice, making appropriate eye contact and other techniques that will enhance those skills dramatically.  On the flip side, you can have a perfect handle on tone of voice, eye contact and other techniques but if you don’t have the skills to apply them to you risk coming off as incompetent and indecisive.

Make it Stick

One of the most important aspects of a quality training program is one that isn’t “here today and gone tomorrow.”  Adults retain information best when they are able to talk about and practice the skills and techniques they have learned over and over again in a practical setting.  To take it a step further, a training program that includes a follow-up program provides the opportunity for frontline employees and management to work together to fine-tune and maintain the banking-specific skills and techniques they’ve learned on a daily basis until they become second nature.  A quality training company will be accessible to clients after the training is complete to field clarifying questions.  They will care about the relationship that has been created between themselves and the financial institution.

All our training programs encompass these critically effective qualities and methodologies. Please Contact us to learn more about how our training has helped thousands of banking employees improve their sales and service performance.