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In-Person Training's Edge Over Web-Based

February 11, 2019 - 12:11pm -- Tony

When training adult learners, several factors must be given heavy consideration. Adults best learn when they know why they are learning what they're learning, the learning is experiential, it addresses various learning styles and the process is both positive and ongoing. Adults also learn a great deal from their peers through the sharing of anecdotes and best approaches to solving common problems. Although, on the surface, it may appear that web-based training is a convenient and cost-effective choice, it pales in comparison of all the ways an in-person training experience can greatly benefit frontline banking professionals.

"What does this have to do with me?"

Dynamic, in-person training facilitators deliver engaging content in a clear and concise way that leaves no doubt as to why participants are learning what they're learning during training sessions and how it all fits in a practical branch environment. Furthermore, facilitators who have a great deal of expertise working in the banking industry can forge a unique connection with participants. Their personal stories and insights significantly reinforce the relevance of the material being presented. "One-size fits all" web-based training lacks the flexibility and expertise to clearly field questions in real time compared to in-person facilitators with banking and education expertise.

"I just don't learn that way!"

Various learning styles are consistently taken into account by expert, in-person, facilitators who realize that options need to be available for training participants who learn differently. For those who have a style that is best met through the "show me" approach; graphs, charts and multimedia can be presented and expounded upon by facilitators. Those who learn better through the "tell me" appraoch, will find their needs met in a simple and straight-forward fashion by animated and engaging in-person facilitators. Finally, those who have a learning style best met through the "let me" approach, have their needs met through the creation of hands-on games and activities that directly tie into the content being taught to training session participants. Web-based training is at a major disadvantage due to its inflexibility to shift gears and take multiple learning styles into account.

"I've been sitting all day!"

Sitting in front of a computer screen for hours to learn is boring and an incredibly unengaging experience.  In-person facilitators with deep roots in frontline banking and adult education have an overwhelming advantage over web-based training in that they have the ability to craft frontline banking-specific, out-of-seat learning activities, so that training participants will never be left wondering if they will ever get out of their seats. A positive environment driven by in-person facilitators coupled with fun and challenging opportunities to learn, will keep participants engaged and enjoying training like never before! Furthermore, in-person facilitators have the advantage of being able to gauge an audience through first-hand observation and shift gears accordingly.

"I wish we had stronger communication between each other and departments"

Quality, in-person trainers are better able to initiate, guide and foster peer-to-peer collaboration, which can lead to many creative solutions to cahllenges their financial institution may face. When adults learn and collaborate together to overcome challenges and tasks, they better retain content and skills. Inter-departmental groupings also encourage team building and the chance for participants to work with those from other departments boosting the financial institution's team culture. This takes a lot of strategizing with senior management before training begins and is best accomplished in person to provide an optimal learning environment for participants. This is very difficult for web-based training to accomplish.

"It's hard to relate to a computer screen"

In-person facilitators have the ability to make a personal connection through eye contact, tone of voice and other vital non-verbal message sending that enhances the content being delivered. The emphasizing of certain words, coupled with facial expressions and physical gestures can add an incredible amount of meaning for a truly personal three-dimensional learning experience. Staring at a screen in incredibly unengaging and lacks the human connection of an in-person training experience. Web-based training is unable to offer this very important piece of human contact.

"The internet is down again!"

Professional, in-person facilitators come prepared with backup equipment in the event of a technical issue. In the case of a web-based training, if the internet isn't working properly or if a browser isn't agreeing with the website, there is no alternative.

"The training is over, now what?"

Quality, in-person training isn't "here today, gone tomorrow" much like the single-serving style of web-based training. Research has shown that 48 hours after a learning event, 75% of the content is forgotten. Follow-up programs, which hold participants accountable for what they've learned in order to use those skills in their financial institutions, guarantee the best chance for long-term content retention and ROI. Furthermore, personal support from in-person training professionals include face-to-face follow-up support meetings with management. In this "coach the coaches" approach, branch managers are guided and supported by the in-person facilitators on how best to keep their staff actively using the skills learned in the training session for long-term sustainability. Impersonal web-based training lacks the human element to keep skills and content fresh after the computer screen session has ended.

"It's expensive and a logistical nightmare to send my people to training!"

Any incredible in-person training company will come to you to train your staff. This is very cost effective and allows your people to stay "close to home" for the least amount of interruption to business as possible. This is also very beneficial when it comes to the challenge of logistics. Last second changes and ill staff members can really make it difficult when sending them away for trainings. In-person training also offers added flexibility of offering make-up, weekend, night, holiday and partial-day sessions to meet all logistical needs. The entire staff of a bank or credit union can be trained in a very short amount of time ensuring that all are learning the same material at the same time. This will have a greater impact where all participants will be on the same page toward striving toward smashing institutional goals.

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