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How Do You Use Data?

April 4, 2017 - 11:51am -- Tony

What are your expectations of your frontline staff members when it comes to cross-selling products and services?  Do you encourage them to look for every opportunity to offer products and services to meet the genuine needs of your customers/members?  If so, that is fantastic!   Are you positioning your frontline staff members for the best chance to realize the kind of goal-crushing success that catapults your organization’s sales numbers into the stratosphere?  That question can be answered with a “Yes!” as a result of many strategic actions.  The one that we’ll focus on in this blog is the sharing of data with your frontline staff members.


If you have already been sharing data with your frontline staff, or you plan on doing so for the first time, there is a pitfall that you need to avoid.  Before sharing the information with frontline staff, it’s important that you only share the most relevant information in the easiest way to understand it.  This might mean that if your initial way of receiving data is on a large spreadsheet showing a multitude of products/services and extra unrelated information, you may need to take the most important and relevant pieces and make a more easily understandable chart(s). You do not want to back up a dump truck full of data and unload it all on them.  Too much data can be incredibly overwhelming and cumbersome.  The easier it is for frontline staff to read and interpret the data, the more successful they’ll be in using it to strategically increase their cross-selling dramatically!

Where you’ve been.

Adults learn and perform at their best the more they are aware of why they are doing what they’re doing, how their actions connect to their work and knowing the results of their effort (realizing the fruits of their labor).  The first way to accomplish this is to use data with staff to give relevant historical perspective.  We’re talking meaningful history here, not necessarily several years ago, but as simple as the previous quarter or the previous year reflecting the upcoming quarter for strategic purposes.  This will help set the foundation for any trends that may typically occur at certain times of year and help shape efforts for referring particular products/services.

Where are you now?

Once looking at relevant historical data is complete, it’s time to look at the current sales data to take an honest look at where you are currently positioned.  This is factual information that will tell you how everyone is doing currently (in comparison to where performance has been in the relevant past).  This provides the opportunity for “Ah-Ha!” moments for frontline staff who may need to brush up on their product knowledge in certain areas. It also provides knowledge of what frontline staff members you should celebrate and encourage to share their approach regarding certain products/services that they are having epic results in cross-selling!  Frontline staff members often grow and learn best from their fellow colleagues.

Where do you want to be?

Coupled with realistic goals and time lines for your frontline staff, your data will provide the information needed to set realistic, but challenging, goals.  When staff members can look at the data in real time and see how they’re doing individually, as a branch/department and as an organization, that is incredibly motivational and makes it personal where everyone “owns” the data.  That information can be parlayed into product/service campaigns as fun challenges.  Being able to look in on progress can add urgency, motivation and fun competition.  This is exponentially harder to accomplish when frontline staff aren’t provided with a way to continually know their progress toward goals.  This can result in the reduction of engagement, team spirit and overall morale.   

How'd you do?

It is vital that all frontline staff members learn of the “fruits of their labor”.  It is one of the most motivational factors for adults in the workforce.  There is nothing more disheartening than making a concerted effort to try new approaches, take risks or trust a new process than to never find out if all that work paid off.  There is a reward every day in seeing positive impacts being made in the lives of customer/members as a result of genuine referrals (cross-sales).  However, if it is important to the organization, as a whole, that frontline staff cross-sell relevant products/services as much as possible, then those frontline staff members deserve to know how things turned out as soon as possible.  Also, when results are made readily available, managers get better.  When you sit down with frontline staff and analyze their performance, offer advice/alternative approaches and coach them based on results, loyalty and dedication will shoot through the roof.  This creates an incredible cycle for the next round of setting new goals and overcoming challenges.



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